The official website for Dr. Ekuru Aukot for President of Kenya in 2017

My Key Points


  • Abolish VAT and reintroduce Sales Tax capped at 3% to lower the cost of living to all Kenyans
  • Waive tax for individuals earning below KES 30,000 per month
  • Waive income tax for PWDS (persons living with disability)
  • Abolish Catering levy


  • Abolish fees at all levels in public schools, colleges and universities
  • Offer amnesty and waive penalties to all HELB beneficiaries


  • Establish an effective social welfare system to cater for poor, infants and elderly in the society. We shall allocate KES 2 billion per county to help alleviate poverty and spur economic growth

Public Administration

  • Annihilate theft of public funds
  • Require all public servants, including elected officials to enroll their children in public schools and to only seek healthcare in public health facilities


  • Industrialize all counties by establishment of county industrial parks and supporting cottage industries.
  • Provide clean and reliable water to all Kenyans in 5 year
  • Liberalize electricity generation and distribution to enhance reliable supply and reduce consumer prices through competition
  • Incorporate an Export-Import Bank (EXIM) to support exports
  • Revive cotton and silk industry and ensure that Kenya will cloth her people


  • Close cooperation and consultation with county governments to implement modern farming method to ensure GUARANTEED food security
  • Promote export of fully finished and packaged products to guarantee higher earnings for local farmers, herders, miners, etc. Coffee, tea, etc. will not be exported in sacks


  • Plant 5 million indigenous trees to restore our water towers

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This country belongs to all of us. To win this election, all of us must be deeply involved. Our movement needs people like you to help it succeed.