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About Thirdway Alliance Party


The failure of leadership, for 54 years, is our greatest injustice in Kenya. This failure remains the top most reason Thirdway Alliance Kenya (″Thirdway″) was founded. Since the 1963 independence, our leadership has remained corrupt, tribal and arrogant with power. Our leadership lacks a transformational, responsive and progressive resolve, especially on the daily life struggles of ordinary Kenyans. Despite their hard work and patriotism, efforts of Kenyans to live a better life, have been met with consistent marginalization by respective governments since independence.

Our Pillars

Ending economic and social injustices in Kenya

Ending economic and social injustices is the foundation of our promise to Kenyans. We commit to creating an inclusive, just and equitable society. The endemic poverty in our country is the result of poor and unresponsive leadership of many decades. It is shameful that after 54 years of independence, our country has handful billionaires and millions of Kenyans who cannot afford basic needs. To end economic and social injustices, we will embark on radical, economic and social reforms that will ensure all Kenyans live a decent life.

Ending Theft of Public Funds

Theft of public money and common good, commonly called corruption, is a known historical problem that successive governments deliberately and conveniently ignored for decades. This is primarily because those who benefit from theft of public money have continuously captured the state and its instruments. Fighting corruption therefore remains a mirage. From petty to grand corruption to today's looting and plunder, it is important to trace the history of corruption.

Ending tribalism and Negative ethnicity

For over 54 years, the dominant narrative in Kenyan politics remains the dominance by few populous tribes at the expense of others; this dominance is taken into government and provisions of services; the result creates political tensions hence the tribal and ethnic clashes that always precede many elections with the most memorable one being the post election violence of 2007/8.

Youth and Women Taking over Government

Youth and women comprise over 60% of all Kenyan voters, yet they are have been used as kingmakers during campaigns and thereafter excluded from decision-making organs of government.Thirdway promises youth and women to be part and parcel of the government decision-making organs.

Protecting the Constitution, devolution & rule of law

There is no country in the world that would prosper without fidelity to the law and abiding to certain levels of discipline in their system. Protecting the Constitution means giving the promises therein a life so that Kenyans are happy. The voiceless in Kenya have for long times been at the whims of the political and rhetorical class. Thirdway commits to protecting human rights of all Kenya's; ensures that power is exercised to serve Kenyans and not to rule them.
Abolish the parallel system of administration known as regional and county commissioners to give full effect to devolution.

Taking our rightful place in the Competitive Global Agenda

We shall withdrawal our troops from Somalia and guard our country from inside our borders. Kenyan economy cannot afford wars; we must focus on our internal problems like tribal politics that threaten to tear ourcountry apart. The 2007/8 government's decision to take troops to Somalia was ill advised and Kenya has paid with many and unnecessary deaths. We shall let the Somali people to solve their internal problems; and assist them without necessarily compromising our own security. We cannot fight another country's war.

About the Camel Symbol

In choosing this symbol, Thirdway is inspired by four realities that define our country's political journey. All our political deformities of 54 yearscan only be corrected by a marathon, a long surgery session; not a sprint, a firstaid intervention.

Resilience of Kenyans

Kenyans remain resilient and still standing despite all the ills that characterize our country: tribalism, theft of public money, historical injustices, human rights violations, marginalization, economic and social injustice, misrule, bad and corrupt leaders, recurrent droughts and famines, exclusion of women and youth from government and leadership. As a desert animal, the camel, symbolizes resilience and survival under very difficult circumstances; a resilient animal can survive without water, scorching heat and sun.

The two-horse race narrative

The common narrative is that leadership is always a ″two-horse″ race of either the two big tribes, or two most supposedly ″popular″ personalities. They have described anyone else seeking leadership as a ″donkey″ that cannot compete with them. Thirdway presents to Kenyans a ″camel″, a Ngamia to race the horses. A horse runs for 8 minutes at 40- 48km/hr while a camel runs for 18 hours at 65km/hr for a long distance. We are giving Kenyans a much faster and resilient alternative because the political salvation of Kenya requires stamina and longevity.

We are in the desert of bad leadership

We remain in the desert of bad, non transformative and non-responsive leadership since independence. Our political leadership has engendered a desert of poor, corrupt, tribal, selfish leadership and therefore poor development. Kenyans need a leadership that can take them from that desert to an oasis of good, transformative, and responsive leadership (to the land of milk and honey).

Taking back Our Country & winning the people

Using the two-horse race narrative, Jubilee and NASA look at Kenya in the very short term. They have been myopic on the real change Kenya needs. They just compete for power, winning an election and that is where they stop. As soon as they form government, the problems of Kenya start afresh: from tribalism (in the choice of government that is currently two tribes), land grabbing, theft of public funds. Thirdway wants to win the country and the people; it wants Kenyans to TAKE BACK THEIR COUNTRY from bad leadership in order to optimally exploit it for a good life. This is all possible under a good leadership that offers the stewardship that has lacked since independence. Thirdway gives Kenyans a sustainable, transparent and accountable leadership.

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This country belongs to all of us. To win this election, all of us must be deeply involved. Our movement needs people like you to help it succeed.