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About Ekuru Aukot

Meet "Daktari wa katiba"


He is 45 years old, and is known as ″Daktari wa katiba″ (the Doctor of Constitution),and hails from the ″Kenya of the North″, the now, ″Oily″ Turkana County of the former Northern Frontier Districts (NFD). He founded Thirdway to respond to the need and call for responsive, and transformative leadership in Kenya. In 2011 and after Parliamentary approval, Ekuru was appointed to Chair the Selection Panel that recruited the Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission (IEBC) of Kenya.

Dr. Aukot has great concern for people. He is the Founder & President of Ekuru Aukot Foundation, which supports education of nomadic and pastoralists boys and girls.

His Conviction

Ekuru believes that our continent has everything that is being undermined by a feckless leadership that has failed to optimally exploit Africa's abundant potential. He declared his Presidential bid against the backdrop of shared deep concern by more than 70% Kenyans that our country was headed in the wrong direction in less than five years after the new Constitution. His presidential bid aims to re-write the story of Kenya for future generations. He believes that past mistakes, especially of failed leadership, corrupt and tribal mind set in governance can only be corrected by a generation that desires to have a better country. A new narrative must be written; one that must bring us back our country from bad leadership of 5 decades.

Professional Experience:

Ekuru is a Constitutional law expert. He successfully directed, as the Director/CEO & Member of the Committee of Experts (CoE), the writing of Kenya's 2010 Constitution. He was UNDP's Chief Technical & Senior Constitutional Advisor to the Liberian Constitution Review Committee (CRC). As the Expert on Constitutional Processes (2016), he assisted The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho to develop a roadmap for constitution-making process. He has spoken and advised on Constitution building processes in Egypt, Tunisia, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ukraine, Germany, the Hague, at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs (Yale), Cornell School of Law, New York, and at Trinity College, Connecticut, USA.

Scholarly experience

He taught Constitutional & Administrative Law at the School of Law (2000-2005), University of Warwick (UK), and at Kenya School of Law (2006-2009); has been a Visiting Law Lecturer on the Law of Refugees & IDPs at School & Faculty of Law, University of Nairobi and at the East African School on Refugees & Humanitarian Affairs, and at Refugee Law Project, Makerere University, Uganda; he edited (2008-2010) the African Section of the Refugee Law Reader. Has expertise in constitutional law, Constitutional Building & Implementation processes, policy, International & Human rights law, governance and Forced Migration. He is writing his memoirs, ″A Constitution is Not a Shopping List″ based on Constitutionbuilding and implementation process.

Education & Legal work.

He studied for PhD and LLM in International Refugee Law, & Law in Development at the University of Warwick, UK; LLB (University of Nairobi) and Dip., in Legal Practice (Kenya School of Law); he is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, a Commissioner for Oaths & Notary Public; and the Founder of EA Law Consulting ( ).

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This country belongs to all of us. To win this election, all of us must be deeply involved. Our movement needs people like you to help it succeed.